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TauRho has extensive experience of both translating and transcribing audio to text. We cover a panoply of languages from Ar(Arabic) to Zh (Mandarin) and numerous tongues in between. The TauRho team offers a high quality service from individuals with a keen ear and an eye for detail. As a result, we can deliver accurate audio translations which detect nuances of accent or dialect, and identify technical terminology be it medical, ‘marketing speak’ or legal jargon.

Top quality audio translation services are essential for discerning businesses. Rough translations are seldom adequate for companies requiring precise material for their professional clients. TauRho prides itself on offering a swift, efficient, high quality audio translation service tailored to meet each client’s specification.

We translate focus groups, interviews, video subtitles et al. We let the client determine the type of translation that best suits their needs, be it from English to another language or vice versa. Equally, we offer a direct transcription service from non-English languages (e.g. French > French). Sometimes we have clients who want a transcription of an audio file in the language spoken, as well as a translation of the file into English. We have the expertise to fulfil all of these requests.

We are the people to call if you require audio translation services.

Client Testimonials

"Extremely fast and the work perfect. I used TauRho Transcribes for a piece of urgent audio translating from audio files - the turnaround was extremely fast and the work perfect. I can highly recommend their audio translation services and will certainly use them again. Thanks guys! "
Jill Bennett, Executive District Manager, Arbonne Consulting
"I would recommend the service to those looking for care and attention. TauRho Transcribes provided me with a quick and efficient service of excellent transcription from audio, for a range of interviews I recently undertook. I would recommend the service to those looking for care and attention. "
Jonathon Silver, Leverhulme ECR Fellow, University of Sheffield
"Excellent, the quality of the transcript was excellent, thank you, and we would certainly like to use your service again. "
Mark Roberts, Publisher, Intelligence Squared
"Almost as though I was actually reliving the interview again! I was extremely pleased with the audio translation service provided by TauRho Transcribes. The staff were friendly and professional and answered my questions quickly, while the transcripts were of excellent quality – it was almost as though I was actually reliving the interview again! I wouldn’t hesitate to use this company again. "

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