Translation Services

Translation Services

Translation by TauRho

Effective communication is vital to any successful enterprise. TauRho Transcription offers a suite of professional transcription and translation services which are designed to ensure its clients deliver on time, accurate information in the right format, for their target audience. Text or audio which require translation necessitate not only a trained ear and accurate linguistic competence, but also a clear understanding of cultural nuances. It is the combination of these skills which ensure effective communication, and this is exactly what TauRho provides.

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Global Translation

TauRho has a skilled team of translators who are able to translate quickly and accurately from an extensive array of languages. We provide global solutions for businesses needing to cater for an international audience.

Translations from audio and text are available. We also have considerable experience of providing transcription and translation services for video subtitling. Whether it’s a distinct dialect or a different language that needs to be translated, TauRho has the expertise to deliver.

A key selling point of TauRho is that we use individuals; the human ear still outperforms machine based transcription services, especially where technical jargon (such as with legal or medical orientated projects) is involved. It is because TauRho uses human transcribers and translators that we can confidently offer bespoke services tailored to suit a client’s specific requirements.

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TauRho’s Team of Translators

TauRho’s team of professional translators provide the same superior level of service as TauRho’s transcribers. Our translators are highly qualified, experienced human linguists.

In order to deliver accurate translations on time and in the appropriate format, a designated TauRho translation co-ordinator oversees the project from start to finish, providing the client with a bespoke project specification and quotation from the outset.

For large projects where a client requires progress reports, the assigned translation co-ordinator can provide these, thereby ensuring peace of mind.

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Client confidentiality and security are paramount at TauRho. So too, are accuracy and efficiency. This applies to all our services whether it is a transcription requiring translation from English to another language or vice versa, or if it is a transcription required in a non-English language without translation, such as French to French or Spanish to Spanish.

TauRho is General Data Protection (GDPR) compliant with fully auditable processes. We provide a secure upload area on our client portal for your files.

TauRho is ICO certified with the information commission (Information Commissioner’s Office) and we operate in accordance with the ISO 9001.

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From start to finish

Step one: Your designated TauRho translation co-ordinator evaluates your project and appoints the appropriate linguist(s).

Step two: The linguist(s) allocated complete the translation accurately and in the format required ready for delivery at the agreed deadline.

Step three: A specialist proof reader checks the translation before the designated co-ordinator signs off the project and delivers it to you, the client.

Our Accreditations

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