Video Transcription

Video Audio Transcript


TauRho takes your video and isolates the audio. We then produce and return the completed transcript. Simple

Video with On-screen Text


TauRho makes your life simple by adding on screen text to your video. Rather than receiving a transcript, we add subtitles on to the video itself. Contact us for prices

Video Audio with Time-Coding


Much the same as the standard video audio transcript but with time-stamps inserted at minute intervals





What to do next?




Step one:

Choose your transcript format and turnaround time

  1. Smart Verbatim
  2. Full Verbatim

Step two:

Send us a link to your video whether it's a Dropbox or WeTransfer link. Alternatively, a link to find it on the web

Step three:

We will send you back the completed transcript or a link to the captioned video. You will then receive an invoice from us.





Why do you need video transcripts?




SEO purposes
Avoid in-house transcription
Sub par computer transcription
Hard of hearing

Saving you time and money...

Google loves videos on your website. But simply put, it has no clue what its content is because it cannot crawl the video. Uploading a transcript of your video means Google can index the text and ingest your multimedia content.

Why don't you do it yourself or in house? Are you a professional transcriber? If yes, you're probably the right person for the job. Do you employ professional transcribers? You're sorted then. But if the answer is no to both of these, you can save paying your staff to complete the task to a sub par standard compared to the results a professional transcription company would give you. Beyond that, you can save your own time and put it to better use. The cost/reward ratio weighs heavily in favour of outsourcing your video transcription requirements.

There are automatic transcript generators you can use online, and whilst these are a good place to start, they can never reproduce the quality and accuracy achieved by human transcription. If your sound quality is a little poor, the computer doesn't stand a chance. What's more, homophones will consistently be confused, and phrases that sound similar, pig's ear and pig seer, for example, create the same issue.

Finally, people produce their web content to be accessible to everyone. That includes the hard of hearing. Without video transcripts or video captions they will be completely uninterested in what your are offering.