Video Subtitling

Video subtitling service – our human transcribers provide a fast, accurate and flexible video subtitling service

We provide a professional, tailor made video subtitling service designed to meet the most discerning client’s demands.

Our company does not use audio speech detection (ASD) software. We believe that human transcribers are best for all transcription assignments but this is particularly true in the case of our video subtitling service.  Human video subtitling avoids the pitfalls which are encountered by audio to text software; while a human for example, readily identifies and accurately transcribes overlapping speech, transcription software often falters.

At TauRho of London, we offer a comprehensive video subtitling service. We pride ourselves on offering both affordable subtitling services and fast video subtitling. We are flexible on the format in which you provide the files – to date clients using our video subtitling service have supplied us with files in a variety formats including market leaders such as Aegisub as well as more simple segmentation methods such as using Excel  or .Txt files.

If you or your agency needs a straight forward subtitling service, or if you are looking for a bespoke, full, human video subtitling service complete with full service captioning, contact TauRho of London in the UK.