TauRho's UK Transcription Prices

TauRho's UK transcription prices for each of our four products are listed below, with their respective turnaround options. At no stage through upload and checkout will these prices change. We believe in open and honest transcription. If you're ready to send us your files but don't know where to start, head to the how it works page.

Whilst the turnaround times are fairly self-explanatory, we'd like to bring your attention to the express option.  The express option means that we begin working on your transcript as soon as we receive your audio file, getting it delivered back to you in a matter of hours. Super speedy - super convenient - super price. 

For focus groups consisting of more than 4 speakers, we charge an extra 20p per audio minute due to its effect on the time required to complete the transcript. 

audio transcription prices

For Medical Transcripts - add £0.10 per audio minute

Volume Discount

We offer discounted rates for larger volumes of audio transcription. Your first 8hrs of audio in a week will be charged at the usual rate. For anything beyond those 8 hours either a discount code will be provided for you to use at checkout when you use the site or a reduced rate will be charged in your invoices. Please contact info@taurho-transcribes.co.uk for more information on discounted rates for audio transcription.

 Student Discount

A 10% discount is also available for students requiring our transcription services. If you would like to make an enquiry regarding the discounts available to you as a student, please use the 'contact us' page and send us an email using your student email address. From lectures, to research interviews, we can help you achieve and thrive.  

 Free Trial

If it is your first time using TauRho Transcribes you are entitled to a free trial worth 20 minutes of audio. You can use this to test the quality of our UK transcription or save yourself a little bit of money when using transcription for a project. To make use of your free trial, simply email info@taurho-transcribes.co.uk and attach your audio file. Give us the specifications you'd like for your free transcript and we'll get it back to you within 7 days. There's no commitment after using the trial, use TauRho again or not, we are simply happy to help.

 Copy Typing

As well as our transcription services, TauRho also offers copy typing services for both handwritten and text documents. From dissertations and lecture handouts to conference notes and shopping lists, simply email your scanned documents to info@taurho-transcribes.co.uk  and we shall have them neatly typed up in no time. With a standard turnaround time of 3 days, add £1 per 1000 words for an express 1-day turnaround.


£7.50 / 1000 words > Text document

£8.50 / 1000 words > Handwritten document 

All copies will be delivered in the same on-page format as they are received. If any extra formatting is required, for example; font, font size, line spacing, please specify these requirements in your email with the accompanying documents.