Document Translation Services UK

Document Translation Services UK

Document Translation Services UK

TauRho Transcribers have a wealth of experience in document transcription and translation services in UK. In recent years, TauRho have expanded their translation service to cover a vast array of fields, a broad range of language combinations and in different modes (human vs computational). Our UK document translation service experience extends across the following fields:

Translation from Documents & Text

Medical Document Translation
  • Interview & discussion guides
  • Screening questionnaires
  • Technology research documents
  • Medical history
  • Medical correspondence
Automotive Technical Document Translation
  • Maintenance & service manuals
  • Safety guidelines
  • Technical specification documents
  • Research papers
Marketing Documents Translation
  • Transcreation (recreating the marketing project in a new language
  • Advertising campaigns
  • Product related content
Environmental Documents Translation
  • Surveys
  • Environmental campaigns
  • Flyers
  • Movie subtitling

Document Translation Services UK

Our document translators are based across different geographic locations. Their cultural background, linguistic and varied professional competence, allow us to create and supply high-quality translations. At present we can provide translations from over 100 languages into English and into over 50 languages from English. This range from common European languages such as French, Spanish and German, to more rare languages such as Swahili or Sinhala.


Documentation Translation Process Explained

In order to ensure the smooth processing of your order, we would initially ask for some very basic information. For instance, we would ask you to indicate the deadline for the project, the languages involved with your personal preference for the dialect, the topic and format of the text and finally the number of words to be translated. Knowing the purpose of translation is also relevant as it determines the necessary register (formal, casual, consultative) and complexity of the language (e.g., non-specialized, highly technical vocabulary).

TauRho’s Lead Team would then confirm the project quote within the hour and assign a translator for the task. Any translation produced would later be reviewed by an experienced proof-reader, who ensures that the text is perfectly accurate.


Machine Translation & Post-Editing

Machine translation provides an interesting alternative on the market of translation services. It can be described as a process performed by a computer and later reviewed by a translator. Depending on the software used, the machine output, or in other words the text generated by the machine in the stipulated language, would require some level of editing done by a human linguist. This form of translation is not recommended for technical subjects, such as Medical, Automotive or Legal translations.

Light post-edit produces a text easily comprehensible and culturally acceptable. The translator makes sure that the original message is fully translated with no information missing in the target text, but at the same time introduces as little modifications as possible.

Full post-edit on the other hand, demands such degree of accuracy that is comparable to human-level quality. It needs to conform with grammar and punctuation rules. It also entails appropriate choice of terminology, natural word order, correct formatting, and
a harmonized layout of the text.


This automated process of translation has its benefits and drawbacks. It is considered to be time and cost efficient, especially for the large projects, as the computer in a matter of seconds and minutes is able to produce a text in the required language, albeit at the very least, requiring post-edit. The quality of such translations is not very reliable, but more than one person at the same time can work on reviewing and post-editing it. Nevertheless, the original text and its translation will remain in the memory of the software (translation memory), thereby allowing the application to reuse any parts of it for informing future translations.


TauRho – Documents and Text translation service

At TauRho we believe in embracing the best of technology without using it as a low cost substitute for a skilled and experienced human linguist.  Computer assisted translation (CAT) tools have evolved and many translators see a benefit in accessing words or phrases from a ‘Translation Memory’ bank. At TauRho we recognise such resources can complement the work of a professional linguist but do not see them as a substitute. We prefer the finely honed skills of the human eye and ear.

At TauRho, CAT tools are recognised as a useful adjunct not an alternative. This is particularly true for textual translations where we believe the trained human eye ensures a superior degree of accuracy.

We can assist you in choosing the best translation strategy for your project. Request a quote, or send through any queries you may have here:

Document Translation Text Services London UK document translation technical medical Document Translation Services UK

Client Testimonials

"Extremely fast and the work perfect. I used TauRho Transcribes for a piece of urgent work - the turnaround was extremely fast and the work perfect. I can highly recommend their services and will certainly use them again. Thanks guys! "
Jill Bennett, Executive District Manager, Arbonne Consulting
"I would recommend the service to those looking for care and attention. TauRho Transcribes provided me with a quick and efficient service of excellent transcription for a range of interviews I recently undertook. I would recommend the service to those looking for care and attention. "
Jonathon Silver, Leverhulme ECR Fellow, University of Sheffield
"Excellent, the quality of the transcript was excellent, thank you, and we would certainly like to use your service again. "
Mark Roberts, Publisher, Intelligence Squared
"Almost as though I was actually reliving the interview again! I was extremely pleased with the service provided by TauRho Transcribes. The staff were friendly and professional and answered my questions quickly, while the transcripts were of excellent quality – it was almost as though I was actually reliving the interview again! I wouldn’t hesitate to use this company again. "

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