Terms and Conditions

Delivery and Timescales:


  1. TauRho will deliver transcripts by 5pm on the delivery date. For example, audio files received at within opening hours on a Monday with a requested 2-day turnaround will have the completed transcript returned to the provided email inbox by 5pm on Wednesday.
  1. However, deadlines are estimates and are subject to revision due to ongoing capacity, the sound quality of the recordings, and other factors affecting the difficulty of the transcription process.
  1. Late delivery does not entitle the client to withhold agreed payment for work completed
  1. TauRho does not accept and liability or responsibility for loss or damage arising from delays in the completion of work. In the very rare event of a delayed delivery, a discretionary discount will be applied.



  1. TauRho offers a 98% accuracy guarantee for transcripts with a maximum of two speakers and recordings with a high sound quality.
  1. Should the client feel, under these specifications, the accuracy guarantee has not been met, clients should contact TauRho using info@taurho-transcribes.co.uk within two weeks of the transcript delivery receipt whereupon corrections and amendments shall be implemented with no extra charge.
  1. Refunds are not offered for incomplete or inaccurate transcripts due to poor audio quality expect at TauRho’s discretion.
  1. The client accepts and understands that no transcript is ever 100% perfect, and guaranteeing such an accuracy rate is not practically possible. There are times when judgments calls and best guesses must be applied to a transcript and the client accepts and understands this.
  1. TauRho accepts no liability for loss or damage arising from errors and inaccuracies in our transcripts. Client agrees that it is his/her responsibility to confirm the accuracy of a transcript prior to information from a transcript being published or printed.



  1. All audio files uploaded on the site (taurho-transcribes.co.uk) must be paid for before any transcription begins.
  1. Invoices will be issued at agreed intervals with clients prior to any transcription work beginning.
  1. All invoices are to be paid within 14 days of the invoice receipt
  1. All quotes, fees, and prices are subject to VAT at 20%.
  1. The client agrees that TauRho withholds the right to change rates and it is the responsibility to check the prices page before uploading the audio files for transcription


  1. TauRho cannot accept payment in foreign currency. All payments are to be made in British Pound Sterling


Refund and Cancellation:

  1. Where a client cancels an order, charges for the percentage of work already completed will be applied.
  1. Complaints should be registered with TauRho within 14 days of the transcript receipt for free correction and amendment. Outside of this time frame, corrections shall be applied to inaccurate transcripts at the usual transcription rate.
  1. All complaints shall be registered at info@taurho-transcribes.co.uk
  1. Refunds for inaccurate work shall be applied on a discretionary basis given the audio recording meets the required accuracy requirements.
  1. Whilst turnaround times are adhered to nearly 100% of the time, some transcripts may be delivered late. TauRho, in these circumstances, may offer a discount for late work if no audio file quality related factors are the cause of the missed deadline.