TauRho Privacy Policy


At TauRho Transcribes, we recognise the importance of our client’s privacy, confidentiality, and security. As such, we handle all data with the highest degree of professionalism and security to maintain our industry leading standards of confidentiality and privacy. TauRho is registered with the Information Commissioner’s Office and aims to fulfil all the recent GDPR measures. In ensuring we continue meet these high standards of security, TauRho Transcribes undertakes various measures, including but not limited:


Secure Website

TauRho Transcribes maintains a secure, online website to which clients can safely transfer data and upload information and audio from a password protected and auditable area of our site. Our secure server uses 128-bit encryption keys. All client account passwords are protected, stored in a secure, encrypted format, and are only known to the client themselves. All processing of client data is kept within the UK, no personal information or uploaded data leaves the UK.


Use of Personal Information

TauRho Transcribes may disclose personal information as is necessary for the completion of the transcription service provision. These reasons include:

  • To any person(s), held under strict confidentiality and data deletion clauses, in connection with the provision of our products and services and in compliance with the GDPR
  • Where required or authorised by law
  • Where you consent to the disclosure


TauRho Transcribes’ transcribers will have limited availability to client information. Only that data which has been received for use in the provision of our services. TauRho cannot accept responsibility for any personal data of the client being conveyed to our team if it is included in the audio and video files supplied by the client.


Personal Information Collected

TauRho will collect some personal information of the client
– Contact Details: (Full name, telephone number, company address, email)

The information is freely provided by the client and is available to be viewed and amended by the client via their personal account in the TauRho Hub. The information is used for the sole purposes of contacting the client in relation to the provision of services, invoicing, and the supplying of small amounts of marketing information. Information recorded within completed transcripts as a result of the transcription process is not used or analysed in any way by TauRho Transcribes.


Employee and Subcontractor Confidentiality Agreements

All employees of, and subcontractors to, TauRho Transcribes are required to sign comprehensive confidentiality agreements before the commencement of work. This agreement complies with the Information Commissioner’s Office directives. A copy of this agreement is available upon request by the client.

Furthermore, TauRho has a Non-Disclosure Agreement which we can sign and provide to the client upon request. Alternatively, a Non-Disclosure Agreement of the Client’s own devising can be used.

All of TauRho Transcribes’ typists are vetted by our recruitment department. All must provide and verify personal details, provide a valid form of ID, and adhere to the aforementioned confidentiality agreement. More information on our vetting processes is available upon request.


Document Return

Completed transcripts are returned by email by default. A copy of your transcripts is also uploaded to your portal area on our secure website, thus restricting access to those documents to those with the correct username and password login details. If a client’s preference is for just one of these processes to be used, that can be arranged prior to the commencement of any work. The portal upload process is protected by standard HTTPS protocol.


Audit Trail

All employee and subcontractor activity on the TauRho Transcribes secure website is fully auditable by TauRho Transcribes. All access to client and file information is strictly managed through the use of access level management and password protection. Logging of both typists and administrative activity is recorded.


Purging of Documents

Completed transcripts are held in the client’s secure portal area for a period of up to 2 months. This is for the convenience of the client. If the client would rather have all data purged upon completion of the project, this is available upon request. Alternatively, if you would like a permanent copy of your completed transcripts to be kept in your area, we can do this. All files are then held on TauRho’s secure server for up to one year before being permanently deleted. Again, upon request, we can adjust this according to the client’s preferences.

All of TauRho Transcribes’ typists are subject to strict data deletion rules. Once their work is complete, all related data is wiped from their hard drives permanently. They also complete a Data Deletion Confirmation form at the end of each month.