Medical Transcription

Doctor medical transcriptionTauRho delivers a reliable and professional transcription service for medical professionals across the UK.

We offer tailor made transcription solutions for our clients, from in depth research interviews to medical conference speeches, and more. Medical transcription requires a strong work ethic and a determination to go the extra mile, two things our designated medical team has in abundance. This is due to the complexity of language in many of the recordings we receive and the time spent researching topics to ensure the highest degree of accuracy for our clients.


Why TauRho for your medical transcription needs?

What differentiates medical transcripts from the norm is the vast array of industry specific language that may be used in the recordings. This makes imperatives of using the right people, with the right experience, with the right knowledge, to transcribe the material. TauRho's medical team all come from medical back grounds, having studied it or worked in the industry.

What's more, non-English accents and poor telephones lines are likely to complicate matters further. This is why those without medical experience will struggle still further. 


It takes time and a penchant for attention to detail to produce a high quality medical transcript. TauRho promises exactly that. All new clients are welcome to a 20 minute free trial, we will be happy to prove our expertise to you. 



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