Human transcription and proof reading – the gold standard

Human transcription and proof reading – the gold standard

Is proofreading important for transcription?

TauRho Transcribes only uses human transcribers because human beings are better able to cope with the idiosyncrasies of human speech. Moreover, thorough proofreading ensures not only an accurate transcript, but one which does not grate. Smart verbatim human transcription which has been proof read by a human being ensures not only are crass misinterpretations or spelling errors avoided, but all the unnecessary verbiage is also removed. A skilled human transcriber and proof reader will ensure that ‘exorcise’ is not mistaken for ‘exercise’, ‘ruff’ for ‘rough’ ‘sight’ for ‘site’ and so on; and if you opt for smart verbatim, there will be no tedious ‘ums’ and ‘ahs’.

Obviously, the need for proof reading by a trained ear is all the more important in the case of technical transcripts. Medical and automotive transcripts, for example, are often littered with technical jargon which can be a major challenge for Automatic Speech Recognition software (ASR). ASR can also struggle with comparatively simple, but nonetheless critical sounds, such as the variety of ways in which respondents convey either a positive or negative response. Not everyone clearly replies ‘yes’ or ‘no’ to important questions.

TauRho recently completed a project for the Government where accuracy was pivotal. In such instances, it is essential for proof readers to be able to listen, recognise and determine the nuanced responses of human speech to determine the meaning. The reliability of the responses is clearly critical for valid conclusions. This needs meticulous attention to detail which is where human proof readers really excel, sometimes double and triple checking transcripts to ensure accuracy. Human proof readers may take longer and cost more, but you get what you pay for. If you want the gist only, fine; if you want accurate, readable text, always opt for a human transcription and proof reading service.

For a 24 carat service (and not a 24 carrot one), opt for a human transcription and proof reading service every time.

Proof reading is not always essential but it is never pointless.

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