Interview transcription

Interviews can be highly influential which is why we deliver fast and accurate transcripts of all interview audio files.

The power of the interview should never be underestimated: it can shape an individual’s career, define a company’s future or transform a marketing strategy. So, we take all requests for interview transcription very seriously. We offer a superior but competitively priced service (as low cost as possible without jeopardising quality).

Our professional interview transcription service uses experienced, human transcribers, because we know that humans are best at detecting nuances of speech determined by dialect, accent or use of idiom.

TauRho Transcribes of London has a wealth of experience in interview transcription. Our portfolio of completed assignments is extensive, embracing academic, commercial and media projects. We have provided one-to-one, paired in-depths and panel interview transcriptions across the board.  We have clients from industry and commerce; and have produced high quality, low cost interview transcripts for academics, journalists and market researchers. Whether you are looking for an interview transcription service for your recruitment drive or to provide an ethnography for your advertising and branding campaign, here in the UK at TauRho of London we have the team who can deliver exactly what you want.