Fast Turnaround Transcription From Audio And Video

TauRho Transcribes of London has the solution to your urgent transcription needs from supplied video and audio. Express and same day turnaround audio transcriptions are produced, and without compromising on quality.

Our large team of transcribers (we believe humans offer the best solution) work around the clock to ensure our services are both swift and accurate.

Fast audio transcription orders can be fulfilled through our express service. For a quick turnaround you can order same day delivery; and for clients who need a speedy turnaround at the close of business we offer an overnight fast service.

TauRho Transcribes, based in London, UK, offers a menu of fast options to produce your completed transcript, each of which delivers on time and in time to meet your deadlines.

Focus Group Transcription

Our focus group transcription services are fast and accurate, and because we do not rely on automation – we believe that humans provide the best service – we are able to ensure that the focus group transcript which we produce for you will report exactly who said what in your audio file.

At TauRho Transcribes of London our focus group transcription services are tailor made to suit each client’s specific needs. If you want each speaker to be identified in your focus group transcription, then our name assignment service does just that.

Charges for focus group transcription projects are clear cut. Unlike some providers in the UK, TauRho of London operates a simple, two tier charging structure: tier one applies to focus groups of fewer than five speakers, while tier two is for focus groups with five or more speakers. In a nutshell we don’t ramp up the price per speaker. So whether it’s a focus group with five speakers or a workshop with 20 speakers, the rate we charge is unchanged. And importantly, the quality isn’t compromised. Quality, accurate, fast transcription assured.

Interview Transcription

Interviews can be highly influential which is why we deliver fast and accurate transcripts of all interview audio files.

The power of the interview should never be underestimated: it can shape an individual’s career, define a company’s future or transform a marketing strategy. So, we take all requests for interview transcription very seriously. We offer a superior but competitively priced service (as low cost as possible without jeopardising quality).

Our professional interview transcription service uses experienced, human transcribers, because we know that humans are best at detecting nuances of speech determined by dialect, accent or use of idiom.

TauRho Transcribes of London has a wealth of experience in interview transcription. Our portfolio of completed assignments is extensive, embracing academic, commercial and media projects. We have provided one-to-one, paired in-depths and panel interview transcriptions across the board. We have clients from industry and commerce; and have produced high quality, low cost interview transcripts for academics, journalists and market researchers. Whether you are looking for an interview transcription service for your recruitment drive or to provide an ethnography for your advertising and branding campaign, here in the UK at TauRho of London we have the team who can deliver exactly what you want. Quality, fast transcription at great prices.

Contact us for all your Audio, Video, Interview, Group Transcription and Translation needs.

Client Testimonials

"Extremely fast and the work perfect. I used TauRho Transcribes for a piece of urgent work - the turnaround was extremely fast and the work perfect. I can highly recommend their services and will certainly use them again. Thanks guys! "
Jill Bennett, Executive District Manager, Arbonne Consulting
"I would recommend the service to those looking for care and attention. TauRho Transcribes provided me with a quick and efficient service of excellent transcription for a range of interviews I recently undertook. I would recommend the service to those looking for care and attention. "
Jonathon Silver, Leverhulme ECR Fellow, University of Sheffield
"Excellent, the quality of the transcript was excellent, thank you, and we would certainly like to use your service again. "
Mark Roberts, Publisher, Intelligence Squared
"Almost as though I was actually reliving the interview again! I was extremely pleased with the service provided by TauRho Transcribes. The staff were friendly and professional and answered my questions quickly, while the transcripts were of excellent quality – it was almost as though I was actually reliving the interview again! I wouldn’t hesitate to use this company again. "

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