Focus Group Transcription

Focus group transcription services: fast, accurate and no surcharge for large groups.

Our focus group transcription services are fast and accurate, and because we do not rely on automation – we believe that humans provide the best service – we are able to ensure that the focus group transcription which we produce for you will report exactly who said what in your audio file.

At TauRho Transcribes of London our focus group transcription services are tailor made to suit each client’s specific needs. If you want each speaker to be identified in your focus group transcription, then our name assignment service does just that.

Charges for focus group transcription projects are clear cut. Unlike some providers in the UK, TauRho of London operates a simple, two tier charging structure: tier one applies to focus groups of fewer than five speakers, while tier two is for focus groups with five or more speakers. In a nutshell we don’t ramp up the price per speaker. So whether it’s a focus group with five speakers or a workshop with 20 speakers, the rate we charge is unchanged. And importantly, the quality isn’t compromised.