Transcription Process

To see what a typical transcript would look like in each of the varying formats please visit this page. Alternatively, you can send us a transcript template to adhere to, for no extra charge. Simply send us your template to info@taurho-transcribes and we will utilise it in any future transcripts you require

When possible, if the names of the speakers are mentioned in the recording we will do our best to assign them to the correct speaker when transcribing. We do say however, it can be hard when, for example, it is four male voices speaking in a group discussion, to discern who it is that said what. If no names are mentioned then each speaker will be assigned a number. Alternatively, you can provide us with the names of the speakers in the recording in any email exchanges or in the additional information segment of the payment process.

All our transcribers are highly experienced and well informed in the methods and techniques used to deliver the highest rate transcripts. There are however factors that can be at play to affect the quality of the transcript our teams produce. First and foremost is the audio quality. If the playback is fuzzy or quiet, there is nothing to be done when some words are simply inaudible. Secondly, international calls or recordings involving people of other nationalities can play a part when the accents of those in the recordings are very strong.

There are two methods. The primary method is through the ‘Upload Files’ page on this site, found here. From there you will be taken through the transcript specifications and payment. Alternatively, you can email your audio files to info@taurho-transcribes.co.uk, including the transcript specifications you require. If you use this method we will send you an invoice for the transcript that is to be paid within 14 days of the invoice’s arrival.

Your transcript will be returned to you via the email address you provided in Microsoft Word format within the turnaround time you specified.

Time coding is an option which can be selected when choosing your transcript type. This means a time stamp inclusion is inserted into the text of the transcript for each minute interval of the audio file. This would look like [6:00] for the sixth minute of the audio file. The other time stamp we include in all transcript types is a missing word time stamp. When a word in the audio file is obscured and uninterpretable, a missing word time-stamp that looks like (6:11), is inserted into the text to indicate the precise time in the audio the missing word occurs.

Yes, after you have uploaded the audio file and picked the type of transcript and turnaround time you require, simply leave a comment outlining the section of audio you want transcribing in the additional info box in the payment section and we will sculpt the transcript to your requests. Be sure to request the correct number of minutes for transcription in the quantity section after choosing the type of transcript you require.