TauRho's Audio Transcription Capabilities

We are a new and refreshing transcription company offering tailored and professional audio transcription services. We can meet all your transcribing needs with prices well below the industry standards and a range of timescales so that you have what you need, precisely when you need it.

No matter what industry sector you work in; from Events Services to Academia, we have the skills and expertise to deliver you fast and accurate work with a price tag that will leave bundles to be utilised elsewhere. We have a team of dedicated, reliable transcribers at our fingertips, ready, willing and able to take on as much work as you need to send our way.

 We provide audio transcription for many subjects and for a wide variety of needs including, but not limited to:

Archive records
Board Meetings
Business Meetings
Focus Groups
Market Research
Media Recordings
Minutes of meetings
Public Debates
Recorded Statements
Roundtable Discussions
Scientific Research

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TauRho's Transcripts

In a world of ever diverging transcription needs, TauRho prides itself on creating the perfect individual transcripts to suit each client. We encourage our users to offer transcript templates for us to utilise. This means each transcript is of the precise nature and design required by the individual. Whatsmore, we offer 4 different transcript types so that the perfect level of information is included in the audio transcription process

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TauRho leads the way in open and honest transcription.

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